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#1 Beach Day Must-Haves

In addition to my sunglasses, the other item that I take every. single. time. I go to the beach is my turquoise sunshirt. I purchased this from Amazon in September 2018, and it has held up nicely throughout the years – especially since I’ve been going to the beach more frequently these last few years. It may have lasted even longer if I followed the manufacturer’s instructions to hand-wash and not dry (but who has time for that?!?).

turquoise sunshirt
Sunshirt or Sundress – both will work!

In the late Spring and early Summer days, the sunshirt provides more warmth when we’re sitting at the beach on colder days.  And in the heat of summer, it gives me UV sun protection.  I especially like the shape and size of the sunshirt.  It is a little longer, but has adjustable ruche sides that can tie for a custom shirt length.  It is long enough for me that it will work as a (tight) sundress when the side cords are lengthened.  But it converts nicely to a shirt if you pull and tie the side strings.

Sun protection is a must

I will wear the sunshirt all day in the early summer – even when swimming in the lake, but I always wear a bathing suit under it. In the ‘dog days of summer’, I will take it off and only wear it when sitting on the sand because I want to get a little sun tan, and swimming in the lake can be refreshing. Having a sunshirt is helpful to prevent sunburns. Of course, I always wear sunscreen spray and face lotion too.

Product Description

This rashguard is made in high-quality fabrics which are soft, comfortable, breathable and quick dry. It is ideal for any type of sport including surfing, swimming, diving, yoga, running, workout, etc. This rashguard can also be worn for just playing on the beach. The sun protection layer will block out the UV radiation and protect your skin whether you are in or out of the water. This rashguard is knit with high precision to ensure the product is durable for long time use and sand proof. The two side strings for this swimming shirt can be used to convert from a short cover-up dress to a shirt. This rashguard contains a front zipper to allow a better fit and look at your wish.

  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Various colors are available – black, purple, yellow, turquoise, and more!
  • Half-way front zipper design.
  • Long-sleeve rash guard featuring quick-dry, stretchy, and breathable fabric.
  • Adjustable ruche sides for custom shirt length.
  • Fitted style for performance and comfort.
  • Machine wash, hand wash and airdry preferred.

Tell Us what you think

If you use a UV sun protection sunshirt that you love, please share with me. I’d love to know what you think!

– Kara from Zeke Life

Live like Zeke
You’re such a good boy!

#WagYourTail Wednesday

What’s “Wag Your Tail” Wednesday?  It’s when I highlight things I love so much that if I was Zeke, I’d have a helicopter tail! Almost as good as meeting a chipmunk for the 1st time!

Zeke meeting a chipmunk tail wagging

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