Our Sailing Philosophy

Always be humble and Kind

Tim McGraw, thank you for the song lyrics that will be the soundtrack to our sailing adventures. Since sailing is new to us, we don’t know what we don’t know. But we do know that we want to learn. We want to have fun, and we want to be nice to each other and to others that we encounter. This can be more challenging, especially for us, when things are stressful and unknown. It is not necessarily in my character to be humble, but it is going to be the key to a positive relationship and enjoyment on the boat.

Here’s a list of other steps that we will take every time that we start sailing:

  1. Know the weather
    • Thoroughly review the weather conditions for the trip
    • Discuss the weather with the crew
    • Determine if the conditions are good for sailing
    • Be ok with abandoning or postponing the trip
  2. Know your route
    • Thoroughly review the route for the trip
    • Discuss the route plan with the crew
    • Share your float plan with a friend or family member not sailing with you
  3. Review boat equipment
    • Check sails and lines
    • Check engine and oil levels
    • Review fuel levels and remember the rule of thirds: 1/3 for destination, 1/3 for return and 1/3 for emergency
  4. Review safety equipment and hold a safety briefing with the crew
    • Ensure all crew members have floatation device and worn at all times
    • Make sure First Aid Kit is completely stocked and location is known
    • Make sure Fire Extinguisher is current and location is known
    • Share location of flashlights, binoculars, flares and knife
    • Share location of life raft with an explanation on how to operate
    • Explain how to use the radio to call for assistance
  5. Discuss Provisions and Cooking Food
    • Encourage crew to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
    • Show crew where to find snacks (but make sure they are properly put away for sailing)
  6. Review the boat’s interior
    • Make sure the crew knows where the bathroom is and how to use the head
    • Share any necessary kitchen equipment – cooker, grill, fridge, etc.
    • Show how to open and close hatches (recommend that the hatches are closed when sailing to prevent water coming on board)
    • Make sure all belongings are stowed properly below deck (especially keys!)
  7. Explain crew member roles for the trip
    • This is especially important when leaving the dock/marina and entering the harbor as well as returning to the marina/dock.
    • Know who’s at the wheel vs. mooring lines and when to take action
    • Know who will be cooking and cleaning – although it is everyone’s responsibility for putting objects away
  8. Final Thoughts
    • Don’t get sunburned, so wear proper protection and keep applying sunscreen
    • Avoid going barefoot on deck
    • Watch for ropes and other trip hazards on the boat
    • And especially watch the boom to duck or move when needed

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