Zeke Life Marina Memberships

When you join Zeke Life Marina on Patreon, you’ll get private membership to the coolest club on the water.  Zeke Life Marina is a web-based experience that virtually connects you to the Zeke Life community.

You’re not only supporting our sailing adventures, but you’ll get access to locked content on Zeke Life website. PLUS you can enjoy the peace of lake living and the fun of being on the water without the work of owning a boat!

See you out there!

You CAN Give back

By Joining –
You’re Helping
others too

Zeke Life is part of the 1% movement and pledged 1% of our time, 1% of our resources and 1% of our profit to helping others. Your membership at Zeke Life Marina enables us to support local charities.

Live Like Zeke

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