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Give the Gift of Comfort

My mother-in-law made the lap quilt that we have Zeke wrapped in the picture above for us last year. It was the best gift! He loved to cuddle in it, because it was so soft and warm. Now, it’s my favorite blanket to use.

If you don’t have the ability to make gifts like she does, then here are a few other gift ideas based on past Wag Your Tail Wednesday posts. Your gift recipient will be wagging their tail like Zeke after you give it to them!

Gifts To❤️Found online

SV Zeke E Boy leaving NB Harbor

Tell me what you think

Where do you find gift ideas for your friends and family? Is there anything that you wag your tail for?  Please share your thoughts in our comments below.  I’d love to hear more ideas from you.

– Kara from Zeke Life

Live like Zeke
You’re such a good boy!

#WagYourTail Wednesday

What’s “Wag Your Tail” Wednesday?  It’s when I highlight things I love so much that if I was Zeke, I’d have a helicopter tail! Almost as good as meeting a chipmunk for the 1st time!

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