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Amazing 1st ⛵season

We had an amazing 2022 summer sailing season, our 1st on Lake Michigan.  And while we learned a ton, we did not feel comfortable taking anyone out on the water with us.  In order to get our ‘new-to-us’ boat ready for sailing, we worked on the following projects in Spring 2022:

sailing in august on lake michigan
kara standing next to boat

Now that SV Zeke E Boy is officially ‘on the hard’ we have a list of projects that we want to accomplish this winter to make the boat more enjoyable, and hopefully bring friends and family out on the lake with us next year. 

I’ve got issues

Here’s a list of the issues that we found on the boat this year:

Propane leak in stove and propane locker is not compliant
Smell is a problem
Forward head doesn’t work
House batteries are old
Engine fresh water hose is cracked and worn
Galley sink leaks
Refrigerator door broke and doesn’t seal properly
Galley drawers don’t open and close easily
Lights aren’t all LED
Fans are dirty
Bimini and Dodger have holes and broken zippers
Boat electronics and navigation is old
Bottom hull needs repainted
A few porthole screens are broken
Some cabinet drawer handles are broken
Several items just need some TLC such as the air conditioner vent, water heater, engine, etc.
And more cleaning …

We’re not planning to live on the boat or circumnavigate the globe – or even the Great Lakes with her in the next few years, so how do we narrow down the list above with what we’re planning to do? 

Our goal is to focus on what the boat needs long-term, and what we would benefit from in the short-term.


We do not have unlimited resources (⏲️ and 💰) , but I’ve been in this position before.  As a product manager at Salesforce, I continuously had to refine and limit product and features based on available resources (time, budget, people) – I’m a pro at this!  One of my favorites is using the MoSCoW prioritization method (must-have, should-have, could-have, won’t have right now).

MoSCoW method


If these projects are not done, it could cause serious harm to the boat and cost us more $ in the long run … or we just need them done to truly enjoy our boating experience.

  1. Working engine fresh water hose (without this our engine could blow up 💲)
  2. Fix propane problems (our boat may blow up 💥)
    1. Ensure that the propane storage locker is compliant
    2. Add a new working stove 
  3. Deal with Odor plus we need working toilets (2 birds with … more 💸)
    1. Replace 2 old toilets with new (👊)
    2. Replace existing hoses (🤮)
    3. More deep cleaning in bathrooms, bilge, storage lockers, etc. (found this article that we’re planning to emulate)
  4. New House Batteries (way past their life expectancy)
engine fresh water hose
toilets removed


These projects are really important and likely something we’ll work on after must-haves are done.

  1. Bottom Hull Painted (to protect the boat bottom and “de-green” the boat)
  2. New Water Lines (since the water lines are likely original to the boat, we want to replace them to simplify runs and fix any possible leaks)
SV Zeke E Boy on the hard


These are smaller budget fixes that we hope to have time to do before Spring 2023:

  1. Fix leak in sinks
  2. Fix fridge door and ensure it seals properly
  3. Galley drawers sanded and cleaned
  4. New cabinet drawer hardware
  5. Add LED bulbs for matching light temperature
  6. Install new fans
  7. Fix and clean bimini and dodger
  8. Fix portholes
  9. Clean, deep clean and more deep cleaning
saloon all cleaned out

Won’t Have Right Now

There are more projects that we want to do on the boat, but these are not critical to complete this year.

  1. New galley sink
  2. New interior and exterior cushions
  3. New bimini and dodger
  4. New electronics and navigation equipment
bimini and dodger closed up

Stick to the Plan 💪

We must consult our means rather than our wishes.

― George Washington

Have I mentioned that Kyle is good at research?  He’s very thorough, which is helpful.  Based on his research, we have the following budget for these projects:   

sv zeke e boy in st joe
Water Lines$500
Deep Cleaning$500

Tell Us what you think

We’ll keep you posted on progress and budget tracking.  How do you narrow down your winter ⛵ project list?  What advice do you have for us as we tackle our 1st season out of the water?  We want to get better, so please share your feedback and comments. We’d love to hear from you!

– Kara from Zeke Life

Live like Zeke
You’re such a good boy!

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