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Beer in the Fall 🍂

Drinking beer outside on the patio when it’s sunny with clear blue skies while the leaves are changing … oh, it sounds so fun!  But let’s be honest, I ❤️ a cold beer anytime! 

seedz beer

Everything starts with a seed

One of our new-ish favorite local craft breweries is called Seedz Brewery located on Red Arrow Highway in Union Pier, Michigan.  First of all, they source ingredients from local farmers in the Midwest region – that’s pretty cool.  And second, we just like supporting local startups and small businesses.

Seedz specializes in Belgian and German-styles, which happen to be some of my faves.  We have yet to try a beer that we don’t like here!  Craft beer is very popular lately and there are many located in the NWI / Michiana region.  Seedz is unique because they love foam!  Their slow-pour method provides the beers with a frothy foam topping, and actually tastes great.  It’s like ice cream for beer.  Yum! 


kara at seedz
kyle and kara at seedz

About Seedz Brewery

sections below taken from Seedz Brewery website

Located in Union Pier, Michigan Seedz Brewery is an agricultural-driven brewery using locally-sourced ingredients from the Midwest.  Brewing beautiful and delicate lagers/ales and mix-fermentation.

seedz brewery

Seedz Brewery Owner and Brewer Ryan Ziarko first started brewing beer in his cousin’s basement. At that time, he was attending college and playing football at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois. Even with long nights of practice and studying for exams, his main focus was always on brewing techniques and the fermentation process. After homebrewing on his own for four years, he graduated from college and joined Burn ‘Em Brewing in Michigan City, Indiana. Ryan worked there for four years contributing to recipe development, brewing, and cellarman work. Another four years passed when Ryan decided it was time to venture out and create a brewery of his own.

Where did the name “Seedz” come from?

In Czech and Polish, the name Ziarko translates to “sweet seed.” The owner got creative with the spelling and decided on “Seedz.” Swapping out the “s” with a “z” in honor of his last name.

Everything starts with a seed. Seedz is an agricultural brewery using 100% malt from Michigan and Indiana. We will be using seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs sourced locally from Michigan.

What is a slow-pour?

Seedz has designed glassware due to the proper style of the beer. They vary from 6 oz to 16 oz pours. An average pour takes 5-7 minutes and may vary based on busyness. Due to proper carbonation of our beers, this creates a nice frothy pour with pillowy clouds of foam.

Tell us what you think

What is your favorite beer and why?  I’m always looking for new flavors to try!  Please share your feedback in the comments below. 

– Kara from Zeke Life

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